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Flooding Information from Derbyshire County Council - updated (words in italics) 16.8.2012

Flooded or waterlogged roads result when the amount of water on the road is greater than the capacity of the drainage facilities to take the water away.

Exceptional rainfall, a road being in a low lying area or changes in 'run off' from adjacent land are some of the situations that can lead to the road flooding even though the drainage system is in good working order.

The street gullies are cleansed on a cyclic basis twice per year and on occasions if third party reports are received to the effect that specific gullies are blocked then those may receive an additional cleanse.

Highway drains and public sewers are not routinely checked due to the logistics and practicalities of checking each length of drain/sewer beneath the highway surface.

Headwalls and screens to culverts that are Derbyshire County Council’s responsibility to maintain which run beneath the highway are routinely checked for any items that may restrict the flow.  Finally, open water courses are the responsibility of the adjacent riparian land owner to clear.

The Flood and Water Management Act has recently made the County Council lead Authority for flood related issues and a Flood Policy Document is currently being prepared which will set out the County’s responsibilities for flooding and response to flooding,  including the actions it can take on those contributing to the problems being experienced; this report will be submitted to the Cabinet Members for consideration sometime in the future.

Drainage gullies and drains can become blocked very quickly when materials like mud or stones are carried onto the road during heavy rain or flooding. The same situation can apply when there is a heavy fall of leaves.

To report blocked Drains/gullies or gratings please contact:


Call Derbyshire on 08 456 058 058

Flooding Update - updated information may be found in the Parish Council’s December 2012 meeting minutes and the Parish Council’s Autumn Newsletter (page 2)